Thursday, May 9, 2013

Cookie Chips

So, I can't tell you how happy Kylie was when I told her a package had come in the mail for her! 
And when it turned out to be cookies.. she was the happiest child on the planet.
And I was the happiest mom on the planet when I read that they're all natural with no preservatives or GMOs. 
I do actually support these little treats. I'm not trying to sell things to you through the big blue eyes of my 4 year old. I really liked them! And so did Kylie. It was a fun snack for her and dangerous for me because I could eat the whole bag. You can check out all about the cookie chips on HannahMax Baking and about how they use cage free eggs and only natural ingredients
Thanks for the cookie chips HannahMax Baking! 


  1. It's good that you teach your daughter to not to eat food with preservatives, that's really not healthy but now that you mention these cookies, I'll take a look to the site. They seem to be so yummy!!! :D

  2. aww this is too cute!

  3. She looks JUST like you!
    It's so great you're teaching her to be healthy conscious at such a young age!

  4. Such a cute blog, with high quality pictures :)

    Santenne of Crystallized Elements.

  5. Hi Bethany,

    Where is that chair from? Or what style is it called, if you know!?

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